HOW EXACTLY TO Create Classifieds Website In 30 Minutes

Do you want to get started with your online classifieds website, quick and easy? You might think, “Is it possible even? Here, is the step-by-step procedure on how you can create, manage, and keep maintaining a classified website by yourself, without writing a line of code, in under 45 minutes!

We’ll also see some money making strategies to earn through your web classifieds website, some techniques for a perfect site and learn about the most common mistakes and myths that may hinder the success of your classifieds website. There’s a video as well of the entire process, at the final end of the guide. Domain name, which is the net address for a website, is the first thing to be decided while creating a website.

You may use good host for registering your domains address as well as hosting. The process is easy and simple. However, we recommend this hosting for your business website. Choose a plan that fits your necessity, and click “Select”. It will ask you for a website name, you can either enter the website name or if you don’t have one, you can get a fresh domain signed up with the available choices. The next few steps will show you through payment processing where you will need to enter some of your details and sign-up yourself with Bluehost before paying.

Once the payment is done, you can proceed to the next step where we’ll choose the system to create a Classifieds website. Today, when you have hundreds (if not hundreds) of website building tools available, the question is about finding the right system to build up your website. WordPress has all the features that you might need to make a full-fledged classifieds website. Check out the benefits of using WordPress. WordPress is one of the very most popular CMS and yet another perk of using it to build a categorized website is that even the hosting businesses provide WordPress optimized hosting.

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These services enable you one-click WordPress install and optimized performance. If not WordPress, you should attempt this self-hosted Classifieds directory site software to produce your website in minutes, with the user friendly and SEO friendly SAAS solution. Given that we’re choosing WordPress, the next step would be the theme search. WordPress themes are similar to ready made websites, with example/dummy data.

So all you need to do is to pick up a style and replace the example data with the actual data. However, these themes are generally very flexible and invite you all your options to manage the theme’s appearance as well as features. WordPress is a favorite CMS and there are a huge selection of themes available for different niches. For this article, I’ll go with the Classifieds WordPress theme that is a child theme of our popular Directory theme and allows to create amazing classifieds index website in minutes. Get this Classifieds Theme for absolutely FREE! When sign up to our hosting partner using this link, you get your favorite theme or plugin from our store without paying anything.