Should Beauty Contests Be Banned?

Beauty pageants and contests must not be banned. Beauty contests shouldn’t be banned. Beauty pageants aren’t always amazing for self-esteem, but they aren’t bad either. You are helped by them overcome shyness. THEREFORE I am extremely clear Just, beauty pageants for children and toddlers are a completely different type of pageant to the ones I’m discussing. I mean, have you seen Honey Boo Boo? She became a famouse, spoilt little girl, wuth no life before her.

One day she will look back, start to see the videos on youtube and wondered how her parents could let that happen. But that’s toddler pageants. Adult pageants and nearly as bad. Beauty contests are not bad for women because unlike children, a selection is experienced by them. Children get pushed into pageants by crazy moms not realizing what is good for them. If a grown-up woman gets into herself in a beauty contest because she feels that she’s quite enough, the rejection can be dealt with by her if she loses. No-one is forcing one to participate if you don’t want to. You can make your own life choices.

Some people think that beauty pageants are about vanity, revealing, but it is more than that truly. For example, the Miss America system offers amazing scholarships, and it’s not how you look, rather if you’re comfortable in your own skin, your interviewing skills, knowledge and ability to communicate. Ten runner ups all get prize money and scholarships, therefore do lots of non finalist contestants.

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This’s a quote from 2014 Miss America; “I began contending for the scholarship or grant money. My parents were generous enough to cover fifty percent of my education but I understood I had to pay for the other half. 25,000 in scholarship money within the Miss America Teen program, which is a feeder in to the Miss America program. I graduated from university debt free, and now I’m along the way for applying to medical school.

Beauty pageants are also a way to meet new people and develop everlasting friendships. Attempting to achieve a common goal may bring people collectively actualy. Beauty pageants also give people the opportunity to give to the community and help raise money for charity back. Beauty pageants shouldn’t be banned because they’re a little (but also for some people important) part of our society. Few people like cleaning and would want to do it as jobs, but they wouldn’t ban it. Just because some individuals don’t think participating in a beauty pageant is a good thing to do, they still shouldn’t ban it because it is not affecting each individual person.

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