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Neither the start or the finish of any trip is ever transmitted to Apple. Rotating identifiers, not personal information, are designated to any data or demands delivered to Apple and it augments the ‘floor truth’ data provided by its own mapping vehicles with this ‘probe data’ sent back from iPhones. Because only arbitrary segments of any person’s drive is delivered which data is completely anonymized ever, there is certainly never a genuine way to tell if any trip was ever a single individual.

The local system indicators the IDs and only it understands who that ID refers to. Apple is working very hard here never to know any thing about its users. This sort of privacy can’t be added on at the end, it has to be woven in at the bottom level. Because Apple’s business model will not rely onto it offering, say, an ad for a Chevron on your path to you, it doesn’t need to even link advertising identifiers to users.

Any personalization or Siri demands are all managed on-board by the iOS device’s processor chip. So if you get a drive notification that lets you know it’s time to leave for your commute, that’s discovered, delivered and remembered locally, not from Apple’s servers. That’s not new, but it’s important to note given the new thing to take away here: Apple is flipping on the energy of having an incredible number of iPhones passively and positively improving their mapping data in real time.

In short: traffic, real-time road conditions, street systems, new structure and changes in pedestrian walkways are about to get better in Apple Maps. The secret sauce here’s what Apple calls probe data. Essentially little slices of vector data that represent direction and speed transmitted back again to Apple completely anonymized with no way to tie it to a specific user or even any given trip. It’s reaching in and sipping a little amount of data from an incredible number of users instead, offering it a alternative, real-time picture without compromising user privacy.

If you’re traveling, walking or bicycling, your iPhone can already inform this. Now if it knows you’re driving it can also send relevant traffic and routing data in these anonymous slivers to improve the entire service. All of this, of course, is governed by whether you opted into location services and can be toggled off using the maps location toggle in the Privacy section of configurations.

But maps cannot live on ground truth and mobile data alone. Apple is also gathering new high resolution satellite data to combine with its surface truth data for a solid foundation map. It’s then layering satellite imagery on top of that to raised determine foliage, pathways, sports activities facilities, building shapes and pathways. After the downstream data has been cleaned up of license faces and plates, it gets tell you a lot of computer vision programming to grab addresses, street signs and other sights. They are cross referenced to publicly available data like addresses kept by the city and new building of neighborhoods or roadways that originates from city planning departments.

It seems enjoy it could also allow setting of navigation arrows in 3D space for AR navigation, but Apple declined to touch upon ‘any future plans’ for might be found. Apple also uses semantic segmentation and Deep Lambertian Networks to analyze the idea cloud coupled with the image data captured by the car and from high-resolution satellites in sync. This allows 3D recognition of objects, indications, lanes of traffic and buildings and into categories that may be highlighted for easy breakthrough parting.

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The coupling of high res image data from car and satellite, plus a 3D point cloud leads to Apple now being able to produce full orthogonal reconstructions of city roads with textures set up. This is massively higher resolution and easier to see, visually. And it’s synchronized with the ‘breathtaking’ images from the car, the satellite view and the natural data.

These techniques are found in self traveling applications because they offer a really holistic view of what’s going on around the car. But the ortho view can do even more for human viewers of the data by permitting them to ‘see’ through clean or tree cover that would normally obscure streets, addresses and buildings. This is hugely important when it comes to the next part of Apple’s battle for supremely accurate and useful Maps: human editors.