To Procrastinate Or Not That Is The Relevant Question

Procrastinating can be fun, sometimes! It may also be a great way to obtain frustration and panic whenever we keep putting off what we could be doing today. I have the ability to fit unscheduled shopping sprees into my busy timetable already, visit people I havent seen for awhile or provide them with a ‘quick telephone call.

Sometimes Ill even clean out the refrigerator, closet, and any closet or room inside your home – well they need cleaning and sorting ultimately! If I had a dog Id probably take it for a long walk, give it a bath maybe, clip its toenails, place ribbons in its hair – procrastinating can be fun!

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The word procrastinates means to defer action, or put off (Ill add dawdle and ‘wish it goes away as well). Whats interesting is the cras (adv) in procrastinator is the Latin word for tomorrow. To me this snippet of information means procrastinators have been with us for a really, really, really long time!

Wonder what strategies they applied back then. When I drag my foot, and keep placing something off, behind my brain is a flicker of wish that someone else will step in and do for me what Id rather not (like my accounting paperwork!). There are plenty of, many reasons someone procrastinates and also differing levels.

What is situated beneath is actually a fear of failure or concern with success, have no basic idea how to begin or finish a project, in an ongoing state of overwhelm, despair, seems pointless, not motivated, or possibly just maybe laziness. What happens when you know theres something you should be doing instead of cleaning out the refrigerator again really? Maybe an assignments due, bills are overdue, and filing needs to be done urgently because you cant see your desk anymore.

My figure is your irritation and stressometer starts rising rapidly. Now will be a pretty good time to sit down and have yourself some serious questions like the ones below: 1. How do i better organise myself to get things done? 2. Whats in it for me personally? What are the professionals and negatives of procrastination? 3. What will I lose easily complete what I have to? Could be stress levels!

4. What will I gain easily complete what I need to? This could be in the form of leisure time, peacefulness; banish what you have to complete permanently. Maybe your gain shall be a special purchase – much like delivering yourself with a prize! 5. How important is this if you ask me really?

For example how important is paying your electricity expenses? If you don’t pay your electricity costs your power will be cut off. Alternatively it’s likely you have 3 things that need to be achieved first as a matter of priority. 6. May be the justification I pull my ft credited to a ‘who cares attitude? MAY I delegate this project (theres that glimmer of hope again) to another person?

7. Do you actually know what you must do? Seriously, maybe the procedure is unclear about how to start or finish whatever it is that needs to be done. When youve done that, breakdown what must be done to the tiniest denominator and work your way up following that.

Sometimes we think about Everything that require to be done which in turn overwhelms us. Start really, small and work the right path up by taking baby steps really. Be in the present moment totally. A complete prolonged habit thats ready for change requires dedication, action, as well as time and effort. By initially answering a few simple questions similar to the ones above can help start that ball rolling towards greater clarity in what gets done and what doesnt, and is this okay.