VodPod Calls Video Collections Pods

Summary: Both VodPod and WorldTV will help you organize and share your favorite Internet videos, but VodPod can take action better (at least, for the present time). After using WorldTV and VodPod for a few weeks, I’d like to point out a few things I did so and liked not like about both and each service.

I like WorldTV’s name: it is easy, understandable, and easy to remember. VodPod’s name is unlucky. I believe that the pod part of the name is related to podcast somehow, but what in the world is vod? I also like the term channel (like TV channel) used by WorldTV to describe a video collection. VodPod calls video choices pods, one more complicated term again. VodPod and WorldTV use different naming schemes for video collections: VodPod puts your collection name before the address (as a subdomain), WorldTV keeps it at the end (as a virtual directory). WorldTV runs on the very simple user interface for its channels, but at reduced size, the screen elements have a tendency to stack over one another and the aspect percentage seems distorted. WorldTV’s Welcome (home) page has a few design defects as well.

Not so fast. Take the time to think strategically about your plan and also to seed your page with content so that it looks appealing and engaging when visitors do stop by. And so that there is enough information about your business on your Facebook Page when site visitors land on your Page.

For example, if you operate a gym, you might want to talk about a few photos or videos of your gym for individuals who might be curious to observe how your gym looks like. In the event that you own a cafe, you might reveal your menu. Publish three to five posts before you invite anyone.

Then try out one of the strategies to get to your first 100 fans. Facebook has an integral feature to inform your Facebook friends about your Page. In the right part of your Page, Facebook suggests a list of close friends that you may want to invite to like your Web page. You can also seek out particular friends to share your Page with. Once invited, friends and family will receive a notification to check out your Page. One of the best resources of social media promotion for your company could very well be your coworkers.

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Ask everyone who works together with you to like the Page and-if willing-to recommend the Page to any friends who might be interested. Facebook offers a complete complement of widgets and buttons that you can add to your internet site to make it possible for guests to like your Page. Probably one of the most ubiquitous plugins is the Facebook Page Plugin. With Page Plugin, you can certainly embed and promote your Facebook Page without visitors ever having to leave your website. One of the most noticeable places you may find to promote your Page is in your inbox. Edit your email signature to add a call-to-action and connect to your Facebook page.

Facebook contests can be huge for getting Likes on your Page. Two of the best applications for creating contests are ShortStack & Gleam that assist you create custom campaigns to drive Likes to your web page (or email capture or enthusiast engagement or a variety of different ideas it’s likely you have).