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International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is the indie non-profit professional association to provide the growing field of business analysis. Through a global network, IIBA links Members, Chapters, Corporations and Partners throughout the world to advance the business analysis job by uniting a community of professionals to generate better business results. The South African section (IIBA-SA) is present within the broader framework and goals of IIBA, but focuses more specifically on the needs of the South African community of professional Business Analysts. It is active in both Gauteng and the Western Cape regions.

For restaurants, confirming would be onerous but controllable. A bigger concern would arise if the CRA insisted that restaurants withhold tax from credit cards tips. That could mean the end money was considered income and the restaurant would also have to pay payroll fees on the tip money. In a low-margin business, this might be difficult for most and fatal for some without a new business model.

There are multiple reasons to build up alternatives to tipping and change is probably inevitable. But the industry continues to be coming to grips using what that future may look like. Today I found this informative article by Liane Faulder in the Edmonton Journal. Sept. 11, 2016 TV and real life: I needed to add to the “my week” part in the “From the Ashes” (Sept.

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I want fun and pleasure in my life, and I go to Meetups. I understand my life shall not be as crazy, fun, and fascinating as a Blindspot show where FBI goes into battles, shootouts, and car chases. I don’t want my life to end up like that. If I did, I would have went into police.

Instead, I’ll watch it on TV. Escape Rooms: If I want my life to be like TV, I’ll go to those “Escape Rooms” places. It’s where you and at least one other person solve a puzzle to use of a room. I’ve seen lots of situations like these in TV and films.

Sept. 13, 2016 Blindspot: This show is coming on tomorrow. This is a funny interview where Stapleton implies that he got a bruise on the relative back again of his calf. He will take off his pants, but it isn’t really sexual. It’s at the two 2 min. Sept. 15, 2016: I woke up early today to watch the growing season 2 premiere. I liked it. I acquired answers to who Jane Doe was.