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I believe that we learn by practice. Whether this means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or even to learn to live by practicing living, the principles will be the same. In each, it’s the performance of a dedicated precise group of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes form of achievement, a feeling of one’s being, a satisfaction of nature. Do more webinars about those important topics. In case your audience is more complex than you thought, you don’t want to invest enough time on the fundamentals too.

The opposite is also true. Just about every leading webinar software (e.g., GoToWebinar) comes with built-in survey and polling tools. You can see the results as people answer your questions. Or start the webinar with an introduction: It’s a good practice to bring in yourself close to the start of the webinar. Yes, you’ll have some long-time visitors in the audience, but you’ll also have some brand new readers watching.

Introducing yourself will allow you to begin building trust with your new viewers, that will lead to them becoming customers (if not today, in the foreseeable future). A good intro should be pretty short, but don’t hesitate showing some personality and put in a tale or two. Webinars can offer a huge amount of value for these potential customers. Nevertheless, you are asking for a great deal also. They basically have to consent to spend 45 minutes (minimum) focused only on your presentation.

That’s lots of time for many people. You also need to consider that if at any point a viewer doesn’t like how the webinar is certainly going, they can just click the “exit” button. This is excatly why your number 1 priority should be to keep them thinking about your material. There are many things that go into this. Lacking any intriguing topic, nobody will show up: Interest starts with your topic. If you have a boring subject apparently, no one shall want to wait the webinar, no matter how good your real demonstration is.

The most significant part of drawing attention is the name of the webinar. It functions such as a blog post headline exactly. A lot of the same rules of writing a powerful headline apply here too. You intend to include specific results that your audience wants while not offering the answer.

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It’s boring, vague, rather than provoking attention.

That takes care of a specific problem (losing time on cultural media) that a visitor might have. But it addittionally makes the reader want to watch the webinar to discover the answer. On top of the headline, you can write a few high-impact bullet points on the squeeze page also. Those bullet points should contain the most crucial advantages from your viewer’s perspective.